Friday, 21 September 2012

Jeans are a staple outfit for me!

I love to wear jeans; I am crazy behind wearing different styles of denims. I love to explore different brands as well. I do not even mind sleeping in jeans; rather I have slept in jeans because I find them so comfortable that for me getting into my night wear becomes a task. Yes, you can say that I am lazy! Whatever, it is I have a love for jeans and it would always remain the same. At present, I have around 20 odd jeans hanging in my wardrobe and I always gaze at them in fascination and fish for the times when I can wear them. I take very good care of my jeans and make sure that they do not get dirty or spoiled. I love denims which do not mean I look for the traditional colors and not the new shades; rather I buy denims in other colors. Right now I am eyeing on mint color denim which the hottest pick of these seasons. I hope you know that pastels are in the trend, so now I will have it soon!
Jeans for women come in different fits and styles, but for myself I like skinny or straight. For me the best style for my personality is worn and faded. I do not mind the wrinkles around the pocket and behind the knee as well. My favorite jeans would still be the one that has got some detailing on the back pocket! My choicest brands of jeans are Guess, Calvin Klein, and Levi’s!


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