Sunday, 23 December 2012

Formal clothing for modern women!


With abundant options available in women’s clothing, it becomes difficult to pick the best clothing pieces for yourself. Whether you want to find a nice office wear or a casual clothing item, you would find yourself in confusion while building your clothing collection. With the emerging modern trends, formal clothing for women has become quite stylish and colorful. Formal dresses for women are no longer dull and boring.
To help you look best at your workplace, here are some dressing tips for you:
Trendy tunics and kurtis: If you’re a professional, feel easy by wearing stylish and comfortable kurtis. Tunics can also be made a bit formal by pairing with smart trousers or printed leggings. Enhance your professional look with trendy tunics and kurtis. You would feel more relaxed and look stylish as well. Designer kurtis are a big hit among professional ladies these days. So, make a statement with nice patters and latest cuts.
Formal suits: If you want to make an impression among your colleagues, a nice waist coat suit would flatter your personality. You would look sophisticated in a stylish suit. Check out the latest style of formal suits available for women before choosing the one for you. The fit should be perfect so as to accentuate your figure.
These are some sophisticated and stylish choices for work. You would never go wrong with these office wear. Start adding some colorful and stylish pieces to your formal clothing collection to make an impression at work.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Invest in some stylish wedding wear sarees!


Traditional Indian sarees are always perfect for wedding parties. Whenever there is a wedding of any closed relative or friend, almost all women prefer wearing stylish saree.  These days, even teenagers and young women also love to wear saree on special occasions like wedding parties, engagement, religious Puja,  etc. No matter what the occasion, sarees have always been the first choice for every woman. Earlier, you must have noticed women in heavy silk, embroidered and kanchivaram saree. But, these days, you will see draping expensive and designer saree around their waist.

Witha change in the fashion and trend, there are myriads of options available for all fashion forward women out there, when it comes to wedding wear sarees. Nowadays, there is a lot for you, ready-to-wear saree, lehenga saree, designer saree, and there are countless choices. These days, women are getting more conscious and don’t want to waste money on expensive wedding lehengas just for one day. If they want to wear it again, they have to think twice because it’s not easy to carry that again and again. So, many women prefer to invest money in designer wedding sarees that can be easily worn whenever there is some special occasion. As of nowthis number is less, but in the near future more and more women will opt for it! Wedding lehengas are just kept in the suitcase for years and years but stylish saree can be worn again in wedding parties.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Purchase a designer saree for this festive season!


The saree is an Indian traditional clothing item and this traditional drape has been worn by women since ancient time. Even today, most of the Indian women wear this ethnic drape on a regular basis or on special occasions. These days, western clothing culture is taking over the Indian dressing styles and most women wear western clothing only. However, a sari is still found in the closet of every Indian woman. Whether you’re looking for a dress to look elegant in professional settings or you wish to look more appealing on a special occasion, a sari is the safest option for you. I personally consider wearing saree over other western dresses when it’s about making a statement.

Designer saris have become hot among the style conscious women of this age as it becomes easier for them to look glamorous by wearing these modern and unique drapes. As festive season is around the corner, you must be looking for stylish and traditional dresses for yourself. The best idea is buying a designer saree. Check the latest collection of Neeta Lulla sarees to find the best one for yourself. I recently purchased a nice sari designed by Neeta Lulla. You can wear your sari on different occasions coming to your way this festive season. You can wear your designer sari on weddings, too. Don’t wait more and just start browsing online to find a perfect designer saree for yourself. To look traditional yet stylish this festive season, choose a nice sari for yourself.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fall season fashion trends for women!


Winters are approaching fast and you must be looking out for the latest fads. Well, don’t trouble yourself as I have listed some latest fall fashion trends for women that are definitely here to stay. Whether you want to attain a classy look or want to look trendier, these fall season must-haves would help you attain a desired look.
Fur fashion is back: No, I am not saying that fur coats are back! Small details such as fur stoles, fur-trimmed sweaters, and fur-covered handbags are the latest trends for this season. These fashionable elements would help you look a bit superior over others.
Cozy sweaters: Simple and plain sweaters would never die out and for this season as well, comfortable sweaters are a big hit. These simple and sober sweaters would help you remain stylish and cozy during the chilly days of the year. Check out the latest range of Adidas sweaters for women and other brands to add a few pieces to your wardrobe. Whimsical sweaters would also remain a big buzz this season.
Leather boots: Leather boots are forever fashionable. If you have the latest pair of boots in your footwear collection, just wear them with your classic denim pants and you’re ready to present yourself in style.
Bejeweled sweaters: Shine a little extra this fall season by wearing sweet bejeweled sweaters. Check out the latest collection of these chunky sweaters today to update your winter wardrobe.

To look fashionable this winter season, follow these latest fads.     

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The pink Kerala Cotton Saree

Last month, I went to a friend’s home in Kerala to spend my vacation with her after a long time. She invited me quite a few times before as well, but I could not go as I was so busy earlier. As I reached there, I was very happy to see her and we made of lots of plan. As she is a native there, she offered to show me around the city and wanted me to take a look at the culture and dressing of the place as I was a fashion designer by profession, which made me quite interested in such things.

In the afternoon, she came to me with a pink cotton saree and asked me to wear it for the outing. I was quite surprised that she had already planned what I would wear. I was touched by her thoughtful care and I took the saree from her to take a look at it. I, however, never wore cotton sarees ever before and I was a little apprehensive about how would I appear in it. She assured me that it would look just fine and then she helped wear it properly as you can understand wearing a saree in the right manner is one difficult thing of you are too inexperienced. Once I was ready, I looked in the mirror and could not stop from smiling. It was a nice pink cotton saree with handcrafted finish and beautiful screen prints. It reminded me of my mother, how she adorable she looked in the cotton sarees! This moment would stay on my memory for ever.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Latest trends in women’s clothing!


Clothing trends for women keep on changing with time. Some pass by fast, while others remain popular for long. Polka dots make the timeless pieces for women. Dresses, shirts, shoes, and almost everything that women consider as style elements come imprinted with polka dots. The fever for polka dots has been raised over time. I suggest some basic pieces that you must-have in your wardrobe imprinted with polka dots. Here is the list:
Dresses: If you wish to look like a real diva, just go to a shop and purchase a nice dress with polka dots. Maxi dresses and even short tunics with polka dots are in fashion these days. If you have any weekend party to attend, purchase a flattering dress for you. Ensure that the style and color combination of your dress flatter your body shape and skin tone. You can search for your favorite dress from the wide range of stylish dresses presented by Tonga dresses.
Blazer: As winters are around the corner, flaunt your distinctive style with a nice structured jacket imprinted with polka dots. Wear your jacket with your classic pair of denim pants. To retain your style icon image, just layer it up over a nice blouse or top.
Bottoms: You would certainly look different by wearing a nice pair of polka dots trousers with a nice top or blouse. Complete your look with the perfect pair of shoes. Carry a nice bag and you are all set to spark a trend wherever you go.
Shirt: Raise your style quotient by donning a nice polka dots shirt over your classic pair of denims. A sheer shirt would help you stand out of the crowd.  
Add these basic clothing items to your wardrobe right now!           

Tunics are comfortable yet fashionable!


There was a time, when school girls used to wear tunic as a dress code. But, today, tunics for women are considered as the trendiest and cutest form of outfit.A tunic is a simple piece of clothing, midway between a short dress and a long shirt; it’s more like a frock. It can be worn for a variety of purposes and occasions, including costumes, dress up, swim cover ups and regular wear. Moreover, you will find it in many different types of materials and fabrics, from soft cotton to stretchy jumper fabrics. Tunics are multipurpose, it’s easy to wear and considered as one of the most common form of clothing around the world. You can wearshort tunics on casual occasions with a pair of comfortable pants or perfect fitted leggings. Moreover, a knee length or ankle length tunics are perfect for parties and other special occasions. So, if you haven’t tried a tunic yet, it’s time to add some stylish and cute tunics to your wardrobe!
Many teenagers look cute in trendy frocks while women look stylish in long tunics or dresses. Long tunics or frocks are perfect outfit for daily wear. However, you can try out different style and with a little creativity; you can make your own style statement.  You can add embellished or try out different fashion accessories. There are many fashion brands that offer an exclusive collection of tunics; I love to wear AND tunics.