Thursday, 25 October 2012

Latest trends in women’s clothing!


Clothing trends for women keep on changing with time. Some pass by fast, while others remain popular for long. Polka dots make the timeless pieces for women. Dresses, shirts, shoes, and almost everything that women consider as style elements come imprinted with polka dots. The fever for polka dots has been raised over time. I suggest some basic pieces that you must-have in your wardrobe imprinted with polka dots. Here is the list:
Dresses: If you wish to look like a real diva, just go to a shop and purchase a nice dress with polka dots. Maxi dresses and even short tunics with polka dots are in fashion these days. If you have any weekend party to attend, purchase a flattering dress for you. Ensure that the style and color combination of your dress flatter your body shape and skin tone. You can search for your favorite dress from the wide range of stylish dresses presented by Tonga dresses.
Blazer: As winters are around the corner, flaunt your distinctive style with a nice structured jacket imprinted with polka dots. Wear your jacket with your classic pair of denim pants. To retain your style icon image, just layer it up over a nice blouse or top.
Bottoms: You would certainly look different by wearing a nice pair of polka dots trousers with a nice top or blouse. Complete your look with the perfect pair of shoes. Carry a nice bag and you are all set to spark a trend wherever you go.
Shirt: Raise your style quotient by donning a nice polka dots shirt over your classic pair of denims. A sheer shirt would help you stand out of the crowd.  
Add these basic clothing items to your wardrobe right now!           

Tunics are comfortable yet fashionable!


There was a time, when school girls used to wear tunic as a dress code. But, today, tunics for women are considered as the trendiest and cutest form of outfit.A tunic is a simple piece of clothing, midway between a short dress and a long shirt; it’s more like a frock. It can be worn for a variety of purposes and occasions, including costumes, dress up, swim cover ups and regular wear. Moreover, you will find it in many different types of materials and fabrics, from soft cotton to stretchy jumper fabrics. Tunics are multipurpose, it’s easy to wear and considered as one of the most common form of clothing around the world. You can wearshort tunics on casual occasions with a pair of comfortable pants or perfect fitted leggings. Moreover, a knee length or ankle length tunics are perfect for parties and other special occasions. So, if you haven’t tried a tunic yet, it’s time to add some stylish and cute tunics to your wardrobe!
Many teenagers look cute in trendy frocks while women look stylish in long tunics or dresses. Long tunics or frocks are perfect outfit for daily wear. However, you can try out different style and with a little creativity; you can make your own style statement.  You can add embellished or try out different fashion accessories. There are many fashion brands that offer an exclusive collection of tunics; I love to wear AND tunics.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tips for wearing pink dresses!


Pink is a color that complements every skin tone, but choosing the right color makes all the difference in how you look. Pick color makes the favorite of every girl, but wearing pink rightly has always remained a complicated task among the fashion-conscious women. To make you look more of a style diva than a disaster, choose the right shade of pink. Whether it’s about choosing the pink western dresses or ethnic wears, wear the color rightly. Follow these simple steps to wear the pink color in the right manner:
Pink sheer sari: A light pink colored sheer sari is a right choice to get an appealing look for an evening party. Wear it rightly with a low-cut blouse. A right hairstyle would help you get the perfect look. Don a nice pair of pearl earrings and a handful of bangles in one hand and become the star of the party.
Choose a dusky pink pair of denims: A dusky pink pair of skinny jeans paired with a dark colored top is a right choice to express your matchless style. For a night party, pair your denim pants with a cream colored top. Enhance your look by donning sparkling fashion accessories.
Carry a pink clutch: When you want to add some life to your neutral colored party dress, hold a pink clutch in your hands. Just carry a statement clutch and become the show stopper tonight.
Wear the pink color in the right way to make yourself look stylish and not a fashion disaster. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Five must-have jeans for women!


Jeans are a fashion staple for women, no matter whether you go after these denim pants for the comfort or the glam factor. Every lady has a wide collection of denim pants for different occasions. There are so many styles of denim pants available that you can even devote your entire wardrobe to these classic fashion essentials or simply have some common styles of jeans in your wardrobe to remain fashion forward always. Have a look at the basic styles of jeans that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Here is the list:
Cropped jeans: This style of denim pant is a must-have for every lady. These jeans are shorter than trousers, but they are longer than the shorts. These pants make the best choice to flaunt your casual attitude on casual outings or for shopping time. Pair your cropped jeans with a nice shirt or you can also wear them with funky tees. Highlight your beautiful ankles by wearing smart shoes, such as, high-heel stilettos or sneakers.      
Tapered jeans: Tapered jeans are in fashion these days. These denim pants come with a narrow cut ankle that gets tightened down the length. These denim pants come as skinny or relaxed fits. You can choose the one as per your style preference.
Baggy jeans: Baggy jeans are a must-have for every woman who wants to present herself in style. Wear a nice shirt or top with these wide-leg pants to look stylish. These pants would make you look a bit fuller, so these pants are just right for those who are slim.
Capri jeans: These three-fourth pants are wardrobe essentials for every lady. You can easily attain a classy or casual look by wearing these pants in different styles. Check out the wide variety of branded capris online to select the best one for you.
Boot-cut jeans: Boot-cut jeans would always remain in fashion, as they make the favorite of almost every lady in this world. Boot-cut jeans can be worn to the office or at casual events as well.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Different kinds of dress materials!


You get amazed when you see some designer dresses in the market, some with all the glitz while others crafted with sophistication. Whenever you go to the market or browse online, you get fantasized while you see the stylish dresses in a variety of stores. Some you purchase while the rest just become a memory for days. But, I wonder how many of you think about the materials from which these fabulous dresses are made and what if these special dress materials would not have been there. Well, we are lucky enough to have to have so many dress materials with which our clothes are made. We feel cozy during winter season with woolen clothes while soft cotton blends help us remain cool during the summer season. There are many factors that should be considered while purchasing your dress fabric such as the comfort, personal style, price, and season. Have a look at some most commonly worn fabrics:
Wool: Wool is a seasonal fabric and it is commonly used to craft winter clothing like sweaters. This natural and thick fabric helps us remain warm during the colder days of the year. Also, the various styles of sweaters available in the market help us make a statement.
Cotton: This soft and natural fabric is the first choice for summer dresses. However, cotton is often blended with other synthetic fibers to improve its stretch and softness. A variety of dresses are made with cotton or I can say that almost all types of clothing can be crafted with this fabric. Men love to wear their cotton shirts in every season and women are crazy for cotton dresses as they get ultimate comfort together with the required style.
Silk: This soft, shiny, and natural fabric makes the best material when someone wants to make a dress for special occasions. But since the silk is a smooth material, dresses made of silk require more care than other fabrics. Silk is quite expensive as compared to other materials due to its shimmering texture and natural production process.
Well, the list of dress materials is endless and there are many about which I can talk but these are some commonly known fabrics. Know the fabric of your dress so that you can maintain it for long.